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The lovechild of Stephen Fry (mother), Ethel Merman (mother), and Janis Joplin (mother), Palomo Pom-Pom went on to make quite a career for herself in the consumable starch industry at the Sir Ronald Searle Memorial Canteen and Denture Clinic (St Borstal's School for Girls, Geelong). Palomo has a PhD in Vollyball (2011, Werribee Plaza) and a pathological lack of shame. This is her first blog. Soon to follow: her first retrospective hit song compilation (lube sold separately).

Sexy Cooking

Lately, whenever I try to look at anything on the internet – user reviews for TV shows I find confusing because of the plot holes and missing third act (it turns out everyone else is as confused as I am. … Continue reading

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Things My Brain Thinks About when It Should Be Thinking About Writing

So, fat chicks. What does it mean to be a fat chick? Why does it have to mean anything, given that actually it doesn’t mean anything? When a car full of dickheads drives past an overweight man, do the passengers … Continue reading

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NorMAC nastiness in Hobart

Originally posted on asexworkerintasmania:
Trigger warning – the two links contain descriptions of sexual abuse ? Last week I attended an event at the Tasmanian Parliament held by NorMAC – Nordic Model Australia Coalition. The Nordic, or Swedish Model, criminalises…

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Milo Kossowski and his Ziggy Stardust poster, taken in St Kilda in 1999. Used absolutely without permission of either subject, but I’m sure they won’t mind xoxoxo

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The Real Big Issue (and How The Big Issue Seems To Have Missed It)

I buy The Big Issue from time to time, if I can. I’m actually not someone who enjoys magazines at all, so in terms of content I don’t really know why. The writing used to be interesting, giving the views … Continue reading

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Confused? Bamboozled? Lost the Remote under a Pizza Box Tower, along with the Will to Live? You Need . . . Dr Palomo Pom-Pom’s Literal TV Guide!!

Who doesn’t love drugs? I know I do! Sadly, in today’s world, many people grow up without brain-numbing pills to make life look pretty and lend it a false air of meaning. But don’t despair! Now there is Dr Palomo … Continue reading

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Goodnight Australia

My vagabond days are over. This was the unambiguous message from my world weary cat this morning, when the blue and white cage with the superhero stickers on it emerged from the cupboard and landed on the bed. With nimbleness … Continue reading

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